AI PowerPoint Creator: SlidesGPT vs ChatGPT

What is the best AI tool for auto-generated PowerPoint presentations?

On this page we will show you the differences between AI generated PowerPoint slides from ChatGPT vs slides created with SlidesGPT.

Before we start, we provide brief instructions on how slides are created with SlidesGPT and ChatGPT.

How to generate slides with SlidesGPT and ChatGPT?

Create with SlidesGPT

Simply go to the homepage (click here) and enter your prompt with the desired slides, e. g. "create slides about the Roman Empire".

Create with ChatGPT

Go to and create an account. After you created your account, start a new chat and enter a prompt. Make sure you instruct ChatGPT to be able download the presentation. Otherwise, ChatGPT might just give you some text you need to integrate for yourself in a PowerPoint presentation.

The prompt used to compare SlidesGPT and ChatGPT

We are comparing a simple prompt to evaluate the PowerPoint slides produced by ChatGPT and SlidesGPT.

Note: The prompt below does NOT generate the best possible slides for the given topic. We are using a very basic approach to demonstrate what first-time users can expect with a brief prompt. To create the most compelling slides with SlidesGPT, you should specify the topic, audience, and tone. Optionally, you can provide SlidesGPT with an outline for up to 10 slides.

Here is the prompt: "Create a PowerPoint presentation about the company "Apple". The presentation should include the history of the company, a list of apple devices with images and a slide about the revenue of the company."

The slides produced by ChatGPT and SlidesGPT


ChatGPT generated 11 very basic slides that were downloadable via a provided link. The first three slides include a cover, a history of Apple, and a list of 7 Apple product categories. It is evident that the slides lack a proper design layout, and the “Apple Devices” list awkwardly contains a numbered list within a bullet list.

As shown below, the Apple product slides consist mostly of placeholder images. To keep this article concise, we are not displaying all 7 slides with these placeholders. The final slide features a chart displaying annual revenue. While the data appears accurate and is editable with Microsoft Excel, the chart suffers from significant design issues.


SlidesGPT created 13 slides, with a blueish background, as selected on the front page of After the cover and the agenda you'll get an introduction to Apple. Note that below the actual slide you'll find speaker notes.

As asked in the prompt you'll find different Apple product categories, with one product category per slide. For the sake of simplicity we only show one slides with the iPad product series.

A slide with the revenue of Apple can be seen below. You'll see that SlidesGPT produced a text slide with an image while ChatGPT (see above) created a graph.
The last slide of the deck contains a conclusion and an outlook, which is essential in many presentations in business or eductional context.

If you're happy with the result that SlidesGPT produced or if you have improvements, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts here.