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Create beautiful PowerPoint presentations within seconds with our free AI PowerPoint Generator. Follow the link below, start by writing a prompt and click "Create Deck".

You'll get a first draft including images, text, along with a beautiful design. You can even use your own PowerPoint master, or choose between a white or blue theme. After you download your presentation, you can easily customize your presentations and branding, and captivate your audience with professional slides.

Frequent Questions about AI generated PowerPoint Presentations

Is there an AI that creates PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, there are tools like SlidesGPT that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) to generate PowerPoint presentations. Creating a proper PowerPoint presentation with AI involves multiple steps to ensure it’s engaging.

Here are the steps that SlidesGPT takes in the background to create compelling slides:
1. Read your prompt.
2. Create an outline.
3. Develop slide content based on the outline.
4. Determine the best layout for each slide.
5. Find the most suitable images based on the content.
6. Render the PowerPoint presentation.
7. Display the slides (PPTs) in your browser.

Can ChatGPT make a PowerPoint?

Yes, but the results are not optimal.

The slides created by ChatGPT are very basic and often unsuitable for business or educational purposes. It frequently takes a long time for ChatGPT to generate slides based on a prompt. Additionally, the .pptx files are often not downloadable and contain errors. Images are not provided, just placeholders.

That’s why SlidesGPT developed a sophisticated tool to AI-generate captivating and ready-to-use PowerPoints, complete with images and beautiful themes. Users can also upload custom master templates to incorporate their own branding.

To illustrate the differences, we have created a page that showcases the results produced by SlidesGPT and ChatGPT. The example prompt we used is: "Create a PowerPoint presentation about the company "Apple". The presentation should include the history of the company, a list of apple devices with images and a slide about the revenue of the company."

Check out the results here.

“At first, I was skeptical about the results. But after I saw the great presentations that SlidesGPT produced, it immediately became essential in my work life.
I can’t imagine starting a presentation from scratch in PowerPoint anymore - I would always recommend starting with SlidesGPT first and going from there. You’ll be much quicker.”

Benjamin Spinola

IT Director at DZ4