What is SlidesGPT?

SlidesGPT is an AI tool that helps users to create professional PowerPoint presentations by inputting a prompt, just as you know from ChatGPT.

How does SlidesGPT work?

Users start by entering a prompt with their desired topic. SlidesGPT then processes the input to create a high-quality ppt deck that can be used and shared for free. Downloading and editing in Powerpoint is available for a fixed price of $2.50. SlidesGPT supports file formats including PowerPoint and Google Slides as well as PDFs.

What GPT models are we using for SlidesGPT?

SlidesGPT uses OpenAI's GPT 3.5 Turbo model which users know from ChatGPT for the base version of SlidesGPT. More advanced models like GPT 4 Turbo or GPT-Omni are being used for Enterprise customers. We are constantly evaluating and adapting state-of-the-art models from other providers like Mistral, Anthropic, and Google to provide our users the best possible experience.

What are the cost?

Creating slides and viewing the final presentation in the browser is free. We also offer pay-per-download at $2.50. You can download your presentation as PowerPoint, Google Sheets or PDF. For enterprise clients, plans start at $500/month, with additional features like custom corporate templates and automated slide creation via API.

Can I try SlidesGPT before purchasing?

Yes, we offer a free plan that allows users to create and share presentations. Users only need to pay $2.50 when they download the presentation.

How do I contact SlidesGPT for support or inquiries?

For any inquiries, contact us here.

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