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How to generate presentations with AI: 3 Examples

👩‍🏫 “Coaching material for college students: Primer on recent advancements in AI and impact on education“


🧑🏾‍💻 “You are the Leading Expert in your field of machine learning and are creating a slide deck on the recent advancements in large language models for an academic conference“


👩🏻 “Account strategy in banking and the roles of presales and sales in customer success“


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SlidesGPT?

    You can think of SlidesGPT as ChatGPT for PowerPoint: you’ll get AI generated PowerPoint presentations within seconds. Just start by entering a prompt with your desired topic. SlidesGPT then uses ChatGPT’s AI to create ppt slides based on your input. We support file formats including PowerPoint, Google Slides as well as PDF.

  • Absolutely! SlidesGPT offers a handy Text-to-Presentation feature that allows you to effortlessly transform your written documents into polished presentations. Simply copy the text from your blog post, article, PDF, or other source and paste it into the Text-to-Presentation tool. SlidesGPT will then automatically convert that content into an engaging slideshow, saving you time and effort.